Trustee President Long and Vice President Kranenburg both say "Vote for Prof. George"

A big thanks to all those who supported and voted for me!

Better to have run and lost than to never have run at all.

This web site will be closed in a few days, but...

Before it goes, I just wanted to express my gratitude to my family (Judy, Ricky and James), my mentor (Eva Long), my campaign manager (Martin Dean), my many cheerful volunteers for all their good work, to the wonderful people who met with me and endorsed my candidacy, and to the 26,000+ people who voted for me.

I didn't win the election, but I lost nothing. Rather I gained new friends, insight into the democratic system of governance, the experience of a lifetime and a deeper knowledge of how a community college functions.

To the candidates who were elected: congratulations. You ran good campaigns and deserve the victory. If there is anything I can do for you to help in any way, just let me know.

For now I will continue to be an adjunct professor at COM, dedicated as always to the education and future of my students. I will continue to look for ways to be of service.

Running for a trustee position was like reaching for the stars. Now its time to move forward, to reach for new stars. I take comfort in the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Our greatest glory is not in never having failed, but in rising up each time we fail." 

I hope we can stay in touch.


Professor George Rothbart


Vote for Professor George Rothbart for College Trustee on November 6

About Professor George

My Education

I earned my B.S. in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, did a year of graduate work at the University of Michigan, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics (sometimes called Particle Physics) from Stanford University. 

I'm a life-long learner and still find time to take  math courses at the College of Marin. I enjoy being a student with other students. I always learn something new, get to interact with other students as peers, and see the Community College system from the eyes of a student.

My Work History

After earning my Ph.D., I stayed on at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center doing experiments to create intense ultaviolet beams of light and mentoring the next crop of graduate students through their theses experiments.

After my post-graduate work, I accepted a position with Science Applications as a Staff Scientist, joining a "think tank" with 2000 Ph.D.s to work on large scale energy and transportation systems. 

I enjoyed the freedom there to invent a windmill generator controller that synchronized its output energy with the power grid at any motor speed and without battery storage. 

I also had the opportunity to measure and analyze the braking rate of BART trains, work that resulted in the "headway" codes for safe operation of the trains which are in place to the present day.

I started Software Science Inc to explore the application of mathematics and microcomputers to a range of science and business applications. The company invented software used in Family Law, in the electronic transmission of forms and pleadings to several California superior courts as well as the California Public Utilities Commission. 

We also engineered, developed and maintain hardware, firmware and software to study the "rhizosphere," that part of the our ecosystem that is home to plant roots and subterranean life. Since collecting  12 million images and  2 terrabytes of data at the James Reserve in the Idyllwild mountains near Riverside, our systems are actively collecting data in multiple locations worldwide.


My Teaching

In 2014 the Chair of the Mathematics department at COM, Prof. Roderick, saw in me the potential to be an effective teacher and asked me to teach  several Intermediate Algebra courses. 

Since that time I have become enamored with teaching and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Now a member of the adjunct faculty of the college, I have taught intermediate algebra, Math Lab, three levels of Calculus and Statistics  and Probability, and developed the college's online Statistics course.

I must be doing something right. I have the highest rating on the RateMyProfessors website for math professors at COM with 30 or more ratings. 

My Candidacy

What I believe

 I love teaching at the College of Marin .

I recognize the extraordinary work accomplished by the Trustees in upgrading the college’s infrastructure, and for having made significant progress toward diversity, equity and safety. 

Now is the time to refocus on quality educational programs for all students, and laying the foundation for their future in the economy-to-be. But in the last several years of managing the college’s property, some Trustees appear to have lost sight of our core purpose at COM: preparing students for a promising tomorrow.

Example: COM's Bolinas Marine Laboratory has been abandoned since 2005. This gem of biodiversity has the potential to educate students with hands-on experience and learning in over a dozen STEM disciplines. Until very recently, the Board has neglected and marginalized this important asset, but I and others see the Lab as a fantastic opportunity for the academic and career success of our students. As of just a few days ago, the Board has shown recognition that the Bolinas Lab is indeed worthy of being placed back into service. I plan to re-enforce seeking and implementing the right solution to make the Bolinas laboratory our "third campus," attracting students, community, tech companies and employers and working together in an environment of educational research. 

I’ll bring to the Board a fresh voice and needed faculty perspective. I’ve taught more than 700 students in 1100 hours of instruction. l know students’ concerns, struggles and hopes. Day-to-day contact with everyday COM students and faculty is absent from the Board; I’ll change that.

Together, we’ll make COM the flagship of the community colleges.  Vote for Professor George on November 6th.

Preparing Students for the Economy-to-be

Restoring and modernizing the Bolinas Marine Lab is a must-do and will be a priority for me as Trustee.

Imagine the opportunity to design and install instrumentation to monitor and measure climate, ground motion, carbon dioxide and nitrogen exchange with the soil, aquatic and bird life, root growth, and so much more where every bit of data is stored on a cloud server, accessible to students and citizen scientists the world over. 

Students from life sciences, electronics, chemistry, physics and mathematics will have the chance to do original publishable research giving them a head start in the 4-year university of their choice, and into many new career paths that lie ahead. 

The Bolinas Marine Lab can and will become a magnet for students far and wide, and would be the only active Marine Lab owned and operated by a California Community College. 

All possible, but first I need your support. Vote for Professor George on November 6th.


Students First!

College of Marin students are serious about their education and their futures. 

Our students come from a rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures, yet they a share a common desire to work hard  and be the best they can be. 

COM is not just "big high school"  or "little college." COM plays a significant role in the academic and career development of its students. As a Trustee of the college, my goal is to be the kind of leader who encourages and supports students on their path to becoming the next generation of leaders. 

We can best do that with an innovative curriculum, modern classroom technology and laboratories, quality faculty and a supportive administration and staff.

I put students first. They'll tell you just that at

You can help me to bring a fresh perspective and new voice of student advocacy to the COM governing body. Vote for Professor George on November 6th

TESTIMONIALS. Recommendations. what people are saying.

"As a professor myself, I am humbled by how much I learn from Dr. George Rothbart about being a better teacher, scientist, project manager, mentor, and advocate for higher education. He's intelligent and a receptive leader whose heart is in the right place: where the students are."

 --Dr. Rebecca Hernandez, Professor, Land, Air and Water Resources Department, UC Davis 

"Dr. Rothbart is an excellent listener, innovator, and teacher. Great things happen when he is involved."

 --Mike Taggart, Research Associate, UC Riverside 

"I strongly endorse George Rothbart as a candidate for the College of Marin Board of Trustees. He has the teaching experience, the business acumen, the vision and the enthusiasm that are so greatly needed at this critical point in the history of the College."

 --Dr. Paul G. da Silva, Professor, Department of Life and Earth Sciences, College of Marin 

"I have worked with George as a valued member of our RhizoSystems team for over a decade. What I appreciate about George is that he goes beyond handing us a solution- every advance we make is an integrated learning experience, for students and senior scientists."

 --Dr. Michael F Allen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, former Chair, Department of Biology, former Director, Center for Conservation Biology, UC Riverside 

I've been a Biology instructor at the College of Marin for 30 years. This is the first time in all those years, that I feel that I can fully support a candidate for the Board of Trustees. He's got my vote!

--Joe Mueller, professor of Marine Biology, co-Chair, Life & Earth Sciences Dept., College of Marin 

"Dr. George Rothbart is by far the best and most qualified candidate running for College Trustee. As a Trustee he will always place Students and Community FIRST! He will work collaboratively with fellow College Trustees to bring the highest standard of excellence to the District. The Community's choice. Please VOTE for George Rothbart, Ph.D., the only qualified candidate running."

--Dr. Eva Long, Ph.D., President, College of Marin Board of Trustees


I am delighted to support George Rothbart's candidacy for the College of Marin Board of Trustees. George is a deeply committed teacher who understands connecting students to our local environment is a critical part of their education and prepares them to be better stewards of the unique the precious lands and oceans that make Marin such a special place.

--Dr. Terrence Gosliner, Senior Curator

Department of Invertebrate Zoology

California Academy of Sciences

George has a unique combination of competencies that will serve him well on the College of Marin Board of Trustees given his experience running his own software company as well as his educational domain expertise as a Professor. I endorse George wholeheartedly!


--Phil Kranenburg
College of Marin, Vice President of the College of Marin Board of Trustees

I have no reservations recommending Dr. George Rothbart for the COM Board of Trustees. As a highly-accomplished professional with deep understanding of the teaching profession and the students needs, he cares deeply about the College of Marin and the students and will bring to the table a much needed perspective of an educator, thus giving voice to the COM faculty.

--Dr. Irina Roderick, Professor and Chairperson of the Mathematics Department, College of Marin (photo taken during  inspection of the new Science, Math & Nursing  building  during construction).

There is no question that Professor George Rothbart would be an excellent Board member for the College of Marin Board. His depth of knowledge about the College - its campus - students - administration is deep. His creative thinking regarding the Bolinas Marine Biology Lab which is an asset to the campus - students and Marin residents -has been sorely neglected with little thought given to re-activating that property in a manner that contributes to the betterment of the College & Marin. Change in Board leadership is a MUST - if the College of Marin is to Move Forward.

--Margaret Deedy, Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker.

--Margaret Deedy, Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker


Dr. Rothbart stands out from the crowd. He is an independent thinker, with specific ideas to ensure programs suit current and future students’ needs. His passion for his students and understanding of the academic issues is a major reason to vote for him.

--Coalition of Sensible Taxpayers


George actively supports restoration of the Bolinas Marine Laboratory and supports improvements in our deficient technology infrastructure, as well as other faculty friendly measures. George has the support of members of our Earth and Life Sciences department as well as other faculty. UPM urges a vote for George Rothbart for College of Marin Trustee

--United Professors of Marin

frequently asked questions


Do you have qualifications in business or financial management?

I am the CEO of Software Science Inc and have managed technical projects from as small as $10,000  and up to $1,000,000. But that is not my only strength. My strengths lie in technical innovation, scientific research, and in teaching on the college level. All of the present Trustees are experts in law, manufacturing or in financial and property management. I bring to the table the invaluable perspective of what the college is all about: education and preparation for lifetime careers and leadership.

Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee now?

For me, teaching is an exciting, passionate and noble calling. Our students are literally our world's very future, and it is up to their professors to teach, train and inspire them to be all they can be. I see teaching--and interacting with students--as a privilege, and one that I cherish everytime I think about it. I have been teaching since 2015 and have gotten to know a lot about our student population, our faculty and our administration.  I see with the perspective of both a teacher and a student areas of how the college is managed that do not appear to put students academic interests first. There are missed opportunities and overlooked paths that could be and should be addressed if only there were a Trustee on the Board who has first-hand experience and knowledge in  the teaching and learning process. I am convinced that I can give a unique voice to those concerns and with hard work and a spirit of collaboration make new and exciting things happen at the College.

Are you a Marin resident?

I sure am. I've lived and worked in Marin county for the past 24 years. Marin is where I raised our two sons (attending Dixie, Miller Creek, Terra Linda) and built my business.  I've been on the Board of Directors of the Marin Food Bank, on the church council of Lucas Valley Community Church, and been active in serving the needs of Marin's homeless population through the R.E.S.T. program. Marin is my home.

What other issues concern you?

The college keeps statistics on enrollment and the career fields of interest to the students. It's valuable information as far as it goes. I'd like to see longitudinal studies done where we systematically track students six months after they graduate to find out if they got a job in their field, and if so, what is their starting salary. The compiled data would then be available for any student to know the probability of getting employed in their field, and the median starting salary. This would be invaluable for students in deciding a career path.

How do you connect with the community?

For the past 10 years I have been an advocate for the homeless of Marin. I have been a volunteer in the R.E.S.T. program ("Rotating Emergency Shelter Team") which provides homeless men a clean, warm, safe overnight place with a hot meal during the winter months. 

What do you like to do for fun?

Believe it or not, I like taking math classes at COM. I enjoy learning and being with other students. I very much appreciate seeing how the other professors get the concept across and can use that to evolve my own teaching style. 

I also enjoy baseball and consider myself both a Giants and A's fan. I like everything about the game. When I'm not at the Collesium or AT&T Park, I'm downloading team statistics and crunching the numbers for myself.

Astronomy has always been amazing to me. I never tire of the moon's craters, Jupiter's moons or Saturn's rings. Last year I took my equipment to eastern Oregon to observe and  photograph the Great American Solar Eclipse and posted a 89 second time-lapse video of on my server. Take a look and let me know if you liked it.

What is the last book you read?

Just finished "iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood" by Jean M. Twenge, PhD.  Our college needs to get ready for the next generation about to hit our classrooms in the next 4-5 years, and how they differ in learning modalities and expections from the current Boomers and Millenials.

What is the last movie you saw?

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" The Fred Rogers story.   "Everything that is meaningful in life depends on love, either the demonstration of love or lack of it."  This film left us all in puddles of tears. 



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