coalition of sensible taxpayers

"Rothbart stands out from the crowd. He is an independent thinker and an independent board vote (in contrast to the self-declared slate of incumbents Wanden Treanor and Diana Conti, plus allied newcomer Suzanne Crow). 

Having earned a PhD in Physics from Stanford, Rothbart founded and continues to run a successful tech business that provides tools to study the environment. Prompted by a desire to give back, Rothbart teaches mathematics part-time at COM. 

Rothbart’s signature issue is the college’s weak enrollment and graduation/certificate rates: he has specific ideas of what COM could do differently to ensure programs suit current and future students’ needs. 

The fact that Rothbart’s main income is not from COM resolves any concerns about a faculty member being on the board. Indeed, Rothbart’s passion for his students and understanding of the academic issues is a major reason to vote for him."