"Dr. George Rothbart is by far the best and most qualified candidate running for Marin Community College District Board of Trustees. 

As a Trustee he will always place Students and Community FIRST!

He is a beloved faculty asset as an exemplary person with caring about each student and has a great working relationship with faculty and community members. 

He is an accomplished Scientist with business acumen, a Ph.D. in Physics with academic honors from Stanford University. 

He has the foresight to 'hit the deck running' as a member of Board of Trustees from his wealth of knowledge in education and business management experience in what is needed in leadership for 21st century and beyond, academic rigor and changes to meet the future careers/jobs .

He will work collaboratively with fellow College Trustees to bring the highest standard of excellence to the District. The Community's choice. 

Please VOTE for George Rothbart, Ph.D., the only qualified candidate running."

--Dr. Eva Long, Ph.D., President College of Marin Board of Trustees