About Professor George

My Education

I earned my B.S. in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, did a year of graduate work at the University of Michigan, and went on to earn a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics (sometimes called Particle Physics) from Stanford University. 

I'm a life-long learner and still find time to take college courses. I enjoy enrolling in math courses at the College of Marin and being a student with students. I always learn something new, get to interact with other students as peers, and see the Community College system from the eyes of a student.

My Work History

After earning my Ph.D., I stayed on at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center doing experiments to create intense ultaviolet beams of light and mentoring the next crop of graduate students through their theses experiments.

After my post-graduate work, I accepted a position with with Science Applications as a Staff Scientist, joining a "think tank" with 2000 Ph.D.s to work on large scale energy and transportation systems. 

I enjoyed the freedom there to invent a windmill generator controller that synchronized its output energy with the power grid at any motor speed and without battery storage. 

I also had the opportunity to measure and analyze the braking rate of BART trains, work that resulted in the "headway" codes for safe operation of the trains which are in place to the present day.

I started Software Science Inc to explore the application of mathematics and microcomputers to a range of science and business applications. The company invented software used in Family Law, in the electronic transmission of forms and pleadings to several California superior courts as well as the California Public Utilities Commission. 

We also engineered, developed and maintain hardware, firmware and software to study the "rhizosphere," that part of the our ecosystem that is home to plant roots and subterranean life. Since collecting  12 million images and  2 terrabytes of data at the James Reserve in the Idyllwild mountains near Riverside, our systems are actively collecting data in multiple locations worldwide.

My Teaching

In 2014 the Chair of the Mathematics department at COM, Prof. Roderick, saw in me the potential to be an effective teacher and asked me to teach  several Intermediate Algebra courses. 

Since that time I have become enamored with teaching and mentoring students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Now a member of the adjunct faculty of the college, I have taught intermediate algebra, Math Lab, three levels of Calculus and Statistics  and Probability. 

I must be doing something right. I have the highest rating on the RateMyProfessors website for math professors at COM with 30 or more ratings.