My Candidacy

What I believe

 I love teaching at the College of Marin .

I recognize the extraordinary work accomplished by the Trustees in upgrading the college’s infrastructure, and for having made significant progress toward diversity, equity and safety. 

Today the challenge is to refocus on quality educational programs for all students, laying the foundation for their future in the economy-to-be. In managing the college’s property, some Trustees appear to have lost sight of our core purpose at COM: preparing students for a promising tomorrow.

Example: COM's Bolinas Marine Laboratory has been abandoned since 2005. This gem of biodiversity has the potential to educate students with hands-on experience and learning in over a dozen STEM disciplines. Until very recently, the Board has neglected and marginalized this important asset, but I and others see the Lab as a fantastic opportunity for the academic and career success of our students. As of just a few days ago, the Board has shown recognition that the Bolinas Lab is indeed worthy of being placed back into service. I plan to re-enforce seeking and implementing the right solution to make the Bolinas laboratory our "third campus," attracting students, community, tech companies and employers and working together in an environment of educational research. 

I’ll bring to the Board a fresh voice and needed faculty perspective. I’ve taught over 700 students in 1100 hours of instruction, so l know students’ concerns, struggles and hopes. Day-to-day contact with everyday COM students and faculty is absent from the Board; I’ll change that.

Together, we’ll make COM the flagship of the community colleges.  Vote for Professor George on November 6th.

Preparing Students for the Economy-to-be

Restoring and modernizing the Bolinas Marine Lab is a must-do and will be a priority for me as Trustee.

Imagine the opportunity to design and install instrumentation to monitor and measure climate, ground motion, carbon dioxide and nitrogen exchange with the soil, aquatic and bird life, root growth, and so much more where every bit of data is stored on a cloud server, accessible to students and citizen scientists the world over. 

Students from life sciences, electronics, chemistry, physics and mathematics will have the chance to do original publishable research giving them a headstart in the 4-year university of their choice, and into career path that lies ahead. 

The Bolinas Marine Lab can become a magnet for students far and wide, and would be the only active Marine Lab owned and operated by a California Community College. 

All possible, but first I need your support. Vote for Professor George on November 6th.

Students First

COM students are serious about their education and their futures. 

Our students come from a rich diversity of backgrounds and cultures, yet they a share a common desire to work hard  and be the best they can be. 

COM is not just "big high school"  or "little college." COM plays a significant role in the academic and career development of its students. As a Trustee of the college, my goal is to be a leader who develops young new leaders. 

We can do that with an innovative curriculum, modern classroom technology and laboratories, quality faculty and a supportive administration and staff.

I put students first. They'll tell you just that at

Help me to bring a fresh perspective and new voice of student advocacy to the COM governing body. Vote for Professor George on November 6th.